Standard in downtown LA Yaaay!!!!!

屋外での初めてのウォーターベット☆きれいな夜空を眺めようと楽しみにしていたのにワインを飲んでしまったせでベットにねっころんだ瞬間 吐き気。片手にはウコン made in USA!笑!

Outside of Standard (a bar on top of a hotel) there was a waterbed, and I had my first experience on it. I was looking forward to look at the stars while lying on the waterbed. But since I drank some wine, I felt a little nauseated. The funny thing was that I had UKON (a popular drink created in Japan to prevent nausea) but made in USA! But it didn't work... maybe I need the Japanese one! LOL!

My friend, Allan told me that there were Japanese tourists so I should talk to them. So I said, "okay! Sure!"
So I went to them, and soon became real great friends... at that point, I realized, that I am FOB! LOL!!


This is a fabulous place. This is a great healing spot. I recommend you to visit here with friends, family or loved ones.

This is a typical Japanese way to take pictures... the peace sign...★

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