Cup cakes are girl's best friend

I'm feeling stressed out today so my lady friends cheered me up with cup cakes.
Only girls can appreciate these precious moments:)

Now I feel relief and happy what I'm missing now is wish I can share this moment with someone... I wonder if the person knows who I am talking about <3



Taste of Orange County

Quan Vy (Garden Grove, CA) - One of the best Pho place I've ever had!!! 50% special (Under $5) on all Pho Special Combos 

        5 egg rolls came with a forest to wrap it in! Did you have your veggies today? ;0)

 The food is fantastic, the annoyance was the waitress keep on using our table to serve other peoples' foods... =.=

Life of a busy bee....

Before getting ready for the service at my church, I made a quick homemade egg omelette with steamed vegetables and smoothies. BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS!!!

Instead of tossing out my leftover coffee and smoothie, I figured i will recycle it to my tomato plant like compost.

Secretly...I was hoping to continue to recycle my coffee-smoothie leftovers in hopes it will turn into these BIG KILLER TOMATOES =D
~ GROW~ DANG IT ~ GROW ~ ! lol

Voila! ~ My Little Herb Garden

Can't go wrong with Kelly's Bakery Mini Fruit Tarts (Monterey Park, CA) on my way to church service :)


A Bright Idea!

So my night light fell to the floor and shattered into a million pieces... Had an empty water bottle near by and needed light!lol